INC615-1402A-01 Applied Managerial Finance

Attached are two assignments.Phase 2 Individual Project is a minimum of 1000 to1500 words, and Phase 3 Discussion Board requires minimum of 400 to 600 words and two 100 word responses. First please read the assignment requirements carefully. Pay close attention to the highlighted instructions on the Discussion Board assignment. The Discussion Board assignment has a 400 word minimum, in addition, you will need to respond to two classmates assignments with a minimum of a 100 word each in which I have attached those classmate assignments..
Both assignments will need to be APA format and 2 References so please do on a separate Document. Do not put the classmate responses on neither of the two assignments because of the APA Format. The two classmate responses can be on the same document because they are only paragraph responses to my classmates that I will need to post online.