IND a newpaper article on Australian wine industry and answer five questions(use macroeconomic model/diagram to support)

The word requirement is 400-500, no math skill required.
But pls pls pls find a writer who understand MACRO-ECONOMICS principles to wirte this assignment.

The most difficult part of this assignment is to find an Australian newspaper article that talks about WINE industry which enable us to use ONE MACRO-level economic concept and associated diagrams to analyse it. eg.( demand-pull/supply push Inflation, exchange rate, ratchet effect etc.)

The AD(C+G+I+X-M)-AS diagram,Investment-interest-rate diagram, AE (45A° line) diagram and the diagram of money supply(a vertical line) and demand(a function of interest rate) need to be understood and drawn if possible. again NO math calculation required.

Once an article has been choosen,
then Write a 5 pages assignment(80-100 word per page per question) to answer the following five questions:

(1) Why choose this article(relevance to macoeconomic)

(2) Summarise the issue/ macro economic concept in this article

(3) Summarise the main argument or perspective development in this article(economic model illustration is needed)

(4) Develop a counter-argument(economic model illustration is needed)

(5) Discusse the borader social and macroeconomic implication one argument chosen from either (3) or (4).(use diagram to support if possible)

The Australian, The Age, Herald-Sum ect… are good newspapers but feel free to make your choice. again, Pls Carefully choose one relevant article!

Thank you very much