Ind a news article dealing with a computer-related technology

News Article a Computer Technology: please follow the rubric very important.

1. Find a news article dealing with a computer-related technology. This article should be related to a type of computer hardware. Please ensure your article comes from a creditable website and it is not just an advertisement for the company. The date of this article should not be any older than 1 May 2013. A list of approved websites to find news articles follows. If there are any other websites you would like to use, please email me for approval before using it.

PC World index.jsp

PC Magazine /

Science Daily

Stratford University Online Library (Databases) After selecting and reading your article, write and submit a summary outlining the main points of the article. This summary should be between 200 300 words. Please ensure your submission is a summary in your own words.

3. If the article is found online, please submit the link directly to this article within your document. If not found online, include the reference information for this article. All references should be made with APA formatting.
Additional Instructions:
The grading rubric for this assignment is placed within the News Articles Rubric document listed at the top of the class web page. It is very important that you view this rubric. To maximize your grade, you should respond to at least two of your classmates postings.