Ind a short article from a current wall street journal (from last 2 months)

Current Event

Find a short article from a current wall street journal (from last 2 months) about an organization that represents a real example of one or more of the topics that have discussed in chapters 1 a 6 from the Textbook for this course

Organizational Theory, Design and Change, Gareth R. Jones, Pearson Prentice Hall, 7th edition, 2013. ISBN: 13: 978-0-13-272994-9

and then

Type up one page a brief summary of the article (just a couple of sentences in your own words and simple), and describe how the article directly ties into one (or more) concepts discussed only in the book chapters 1-6.
Use the new vocabulary at least 6 and prove to me that you have a clear understanding of that concept and can relate it to your real-world example AND UNDERLINE IT.
Here the word list:
a? Economies of scale (larger volumes)
a? Economies of scope (shared resources)
a? Entrepreneurship
a? Organizational structure
a? Organizational culture
a? Control of environment
a? Hierarchy
a? Agency relation
a? Agency relation problem
a? Interorganizational Relationships
a? Long-term Contract
a? Minority Ownership
a? Joint Venture
a? Franchising
a? Outsourcing
a? Differentiation
a? Subunit Orientation
a? Integration
a? Rules & Norms
a? Socialization
a? Formalization
a? Mutual adjustment or standardization

Make sure to attach the link of the Wall Street Journal article and make sure its work that I can open.