Ind an agingor age-related image from an Internet with an older adult in it and write your reflection about the image


Find an agingor age-related image from an Internet with at least one older adult in it and write your reflection about the image. Insert the link to this image image to your essay!!!
Describe your reaction to that image,
Explain whether the image reinforce or rebut O N E of the six aging stereotypes and myths listed bellow!: Do NOT include the myths in your paper.

In their widely-read book Successful Aging, Rowe and Kahn list six of the most familiar aging myths. Here is the list :

1. To be old is to be sick.
(Hint :Are we having an increased number of very sick old people or is the new
cohort of seniors healthier and more active?)
2. You canat teach an old dog new tricks.
(Hint : Is our ability to grow and learn diminishing with age? What do you think
about the trend of life-long learning?)
3. The horse is out of the barn.
(This refers to old habits cannot be changed or their negative effects are irreversible. Hint: Is it true? Are age-related changes irreversible? For example, does quitting smoke at later age still benefit health? Could our lost-function be recovered?)
4. The secret to successful aging is to choose your parents wisely.
(Hint: Do you believe in gene determinism? How much about our health is pre-
determined by genes? How much is based on healthy habits?)
5. The lights may be on, but the voltage is low.
(This implies older people suffer from inadequate physical and mental abilities, particularly in sexuality. Hint: Do you regard older adult as sexless? Uninterested in sex? Or incapable of sex?)
6. The elderly donat pull their own weight.
(Hint: Are older people the burden of the society? Are they nonproductive? Our current Gross National Product (GNP) counts products and services, but not volunteer activities. Is GNP a fair measure of productivity?)

Like most myths, the above six myths are a confusing mix of truth and fancy.