Ind an article fits with the requirements. You have to call me and tell you what should we do

1) Summary of the article 200-400 words in length. Each summary should include what you take to be the main point or underlying message that the arguer is putting forth. A backgrounder can be added to clarify what may have lead the author to his or her position. Within your summary, you should also comment on what you take to be the authoras intent. In other words, you need to put yourself in the arguersa position. Your summary is an attempt to paraphrase the authoras argument without getting into every detail. (6 marks)
2) Analyze the argument. You will have to clearly indicate how the argument is put together. In order to do this you need to take it apart. Follow the strategies we have discussed and the methods in your textbook. Your analysis will include a detailed map of premises, supporting premises, assumptions, hidden premises, and the conclusion. Any additional information that assists in the understanding of the way the argument is structured will add to the depth of your analysis. Your analysis should have sufficient depth and all reviews must include a map and cast of the argument. (7 marks)
3) Evaluate the argument. You will need to provide a detailed account of the crucial errors (weaknesses) as well as the strengths of the argument. You need to name at least three fallacies and explain why you think the author commits those fallacies. A critical evaluation means commenting on the good parts as well as the not so good parts of someoneas argument. As part of your evaluation you will need to summarize the major errors that you think the author makes. You can do this by looking closely at the premises and categorizing them clearly. I suggest looking at Chapter 8, 10, and 11 for assistance with this. There will be premises that are flawed, fallacies that the author commits, and problems with the reasoning that the author uses. (7 marks)

-Every review needs to have a cover page.
-Students must hand in the article/editorial that they choose. Photocopies are acceptable. Maps and Casts can be hand-written and added to your typed submission.