Ind an article pertaining to international relations/ world politics

Find an article pertaining to international relations/ world politics. Some topics/concepts/organizations you might want to consider are: US foreign policy, NAFTA, NATO, European Union, WTO, IMF, World Bank, etc. Feel free to choose any topic/ article as long as it pertains to international relations and is from a reliable source

Respond to the following questions in a short essay of 2-3 paragraphs:
What is the title of the article? Who is the author? What is the source (i.e. website)? (Please provide a link to the article).
Then, summarize the article (i.e. what is the topic of the article, what does the article discuss, is the author making any particular arguments or presenting a certain viewpoint? or is the article more descriptive?)
Finally, can you connect this article to something we have been discussing in class? (i.e. paradigms, nature of international system, historical perspectives, historical analogies, systems of mainintaing order, etc)? Can you note any bias in the article (political bias, pushing a certain argument/ viewpoint, etc)?
Note: Please proofread and watch grammar and spelling. Please write in complete sentences.