Ind good accounting periodical and describe what makes it leading

For Advanced Writing Course we need to find today a major periodical in our academic field (in my case it is accounting). It should be a scholarly journal, newspaper, newsletter, trade publication that comes Periodically”. Do not choose an article!

Describe that periodical to your peers and provide link to it.
Description should include the aims and scope of the periodical, the genre conventions (format, audience, purpose), and the criteria that make it Leading Periodical in accounting academic field.
Reasons why the periodical is so important in the field.

You can review Popular, Trade, or Scholarlyreading (in attachment) which our professor assigned to begin in terms of noting the genre conventions of various periodicals, as well as their target audiences.

Paper due tonight 11 pm, you can use another 4 extra hours if need it.
Thanks in advance for your help!