Ind out what makes small firms behave in a more agile manner than their larger counterparts in Scotland -UK.

Research Proposal question:

Find out what makes small firms behave in a more agile manner than their larger counterparts in Scotland -UK.

 In answering the above you can chose any sector to be specific

Format for the research proposal: (2850 Words 12 pages)

” Title page.
” Contents page.
” The research question
” The research objectives (presented as a list).
” Background to your proposals providing an explanation of why the project is worth doing and how it relates to published work and incorporating a:
” Literature review. (This section should form a substantial proportion of the assignment probably around 1500 words).
” Where the project incorporates some primary research you should write about the:
” Research methods to be used including: justification for the choice of methods and why other methods were rejected; the limitations of the chosen methods (you are expected to refer to the research methods literature here, such as Maylor and Blackmon 2005 or other textbooks, and other items from the module reading list). If your project does involve some primary research this section should be quite substantial probably at least 1000 words  but if your research project is not based, in part, on primary research you should indicate the kind of secondary sources you intend to use; in this case this section might be quite brief but correspondingly more will be expected of your literature review.
” A detailed project management plan which shows that the project is achievable in the available time and a clear timescale for the various activities. This will usually presented as a Gantt chart or in tabular form.

Books for referencing if found and others.

Maylor H and Blackmon K (2005) Researching in Business and Management, Palgrave Macmilan, Basingstoke.

Saunders, M, Lewis, P and Thornhill, A (2007) Research Methods for Business Students (Fourth Edition), FT Prentice Hall, Harlow

Fisher, C. (2004) Researching And Writing A Dissertation For Business Students, Prentice Hall/Financial Times, Harlow

Examples attached.