Ind three potential grnats for a childern excercise program

The assignment is to write one page contains the following:

1) Identify 3 potential grant sources for the G.O.A.L program.

2) Describe the fit between the grants to the G.O.A.L. program.

3) Include internet link for each grant.

One paragraph for each grants.

Background information about the G.O.A.L program:

The Get On Board Active Living (G.O.A.L) program mission to provide kids the opportunity to receive

education and support on nutrition, fitness, and behavioral habits in order to make positive life-long

changes for an active lifestyle.

The program goal is to reduce and prevent childhood obesity.

The G.O.A.L is a 6 week after-school program that has three main components:

1. Physical exercise session: the physical exercise education provides the followings:

a? Fun Games for the children

a? Exercise Education

a? a Heart rate monitoring

a? a Resistance Training

a? a Zumba

a? a Jumping rope

2. Nutritional education session: the nutrition education session provide the followings:

3. Behavioral education session: the behavioral education sessions focuses on the followings:

a? Nutritional food pyramids

a? Fun Cooking Sessions

a? Taste Testing

a? S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting

a? Healthy People

a? Self-esteem

a? Personal affirmations

a? Emotions

a? Emotional eating/inactivity

a? Reframe and rename

a? Bullying

Note: The program offer gift-cards as incentive to kids who participate in the program.