India and Japan) compare and contrast their political and economic systems

In the modern world, nation-states are expected to provide their citizens with political stability and accountability, as well as to ensure they have some chance of achieving economic success. Consequently, in order to understand any country, one must examine both its governmental structure, as well as its economy. From this perspective, you are to choose any two of the countries covered by KKJ, and compare and contrast their political and economic systems

Your essay should indicate whether your two countries are developed democracies, developing democracies or non-democracies. If they are democracies, you should identify their place on Lijphart s majoritarian-consensus democracy continuum. Your essay should also inform the reader as to the economic systems of these two countries: are they capitalist, corporatist, socialist or communist? If they are capitalist, are they laissez-faire capitalist; if they are corporatist, are they societal or state corporatist?

You will definitely want to locate the constitutions of your countries on the internet. Usually, you can find copies of these documents in English via a simple Google search.

Remember that this is a formal essay, and therefore it must make an argument. You should present your thesis at the end of the first paragraph, and demonstrate it with evidence in the body of your paper