Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

My professor is very stringent, she has a PhD and this is a masters level program.

Case Study

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

Each student shall select a particular man-made or natural disaster that has occurred in history.

It is preferred that a more recent event is selected. This will enable the student to gather recent data via the Internet and in journal articles.

The focus will be on a disaster case study and a written analysis will provide:

1. The nature of the disaster
2. The extent of the event
3. Location
4. The response by the community (Police, Military, Government, Non-Profits, International Aid, Domestic Aid, Medical Community, Communications, etc..)
5. The sociological ramification on those who were involved
6. Readiness and Risk Reduction, Response, Recovery, Who is responsible.

The written analysis is expected to be in the following criteria:

Minimum five (5) pages and a maximum of ten (10) pages
Type-written and double-spaced
Proper citations on a bibliography
APA Style

Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

Research Project: a?One Day in the Life . . . The importance of Timea?

I need you to write the research paper about 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. you will discuss the effect and the cause and how many people died, and where is happened.... etc.

Research Project: a?One Day in the Life . . . The importance of Timea?

College research assignments ask you to pose a question worth exploring, to read widely in search for possible answers, to interpret what you read, to draw reasoned conclusions, and to support those conclusions with valid and well documented evidence. (Hacker, Rules for Writers 382)


For your research you will investigate and analyze the effects of one date or one time period on history and on society. This must be your starting place, but there are multiple directions that you could take your paper.

a? You may start with a specific date OR you may start with a topic and then settle on a particular date or time associated with the topic.

a? For example:

o On January 17, 2013, a long-awaited interview of cyclist Lance Armstrong premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Channel. The former-talk show host probed the athlete about his use of steroids and other banned performance enhancing drugs. His confession sheds light on the nature of doping in sports, the nature of lying, and the unending pursuit of victory.

a? A paper with this starting point could investigate Armstrong the man, or cycling as a sport, drug use in sports, or media confessions, or societyas obsession with celebrity meltdowns, just to name a few.

o The summer of 1964 had far-reaching effects on the Civil Rights Movement in America. Investigate what happened during that time period, analyze the effects, and argue that this time period was important.

o From Nov. 7, 1962 until Feb. 11, 1990, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in South Africa for political crimes. His release signaled the end of apartheid, and his imprisonment shows perseverance and the power of hope.

a? An essay with this starting point might focus on the political system of apartheid, its end, the imprisonment of Mandela, his later presidency, in addition to other possibilities.

o Friday, May 18, 2012 was a significant day in the realm of social media and business transactions. This is the day Facebook went public. Investigate what led up to that day and how this event has significance beyond the scope of that Friday alone.

a? This focus could open a number of possibilities, about business, about technology, or about personality.

o October 22nd -October 29th, 2012 was a significant week in meteorology and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy continues to be felt. The week of destruction asks us to look at preparedness and clean-up efforts for natural as well as man-made disasters.

o On the night of June 28, 1969, a Greenwich Village night club erupted in violence. The Stonewall Inn riots have been recognized as the first major event in the movement for Gay rights and equality for people of all sexual orientations.

These are EXAMPLES: you do NOT have to choose one of these specifically. Hopefully, these examples will give you suggestions for choosing your own topic. Be creative and investigative. There are infinite possibilities whether your focus is science, technology, history, society, music, sports, education, etc. Think of yourself as a detective. You start with a specific, but then you may branch out in any number of directions.

You will practice the GENRE of ARGUMENT as well as the STRATEGY of Cause-Effect Analysis (chapter 32). You will need to gather many sources to analyze the impact of your date(s) and investigate the effects of the time, event, person, or issue. Refer frequently to chapters 43-50 for locating, evaluating, integrating, and documenting sources.


a? You must start with a date or time. You will analyze the effects of this date or time perioda argue that the date or time had significant impact on what came before or after it, or in some way impacted how we think, act, understand, and/ or relate to a topic.

a? You must use multiple outside sources for your research. A minimum of 8 sources should be consulted and a minimum of 5 sources must be cited in your final draft.

a? You must use MLA formatting for citations.

a? You must include a Works Cited Page, formatted properly.

Remember, at this point, the thesis should be a preliminary statement, one that captures what you think the main idea of the research paper will be.

Topic + controlling idea (the argument you will be making) thesis

You should be able to capture the main idea in 1-3 sentences.

For example:

April 2012 marks the end of the U.S. space shuttle era; this end is significant because stopping the program prompts questions about the importance of space exploration to the American identity and offers debate about where the NASA should go next.

Color coded, the sample above shows how you can structure the thesis.

Start with the time period (in red). Next, try a phrase like Is significant because. This signals to the reader that your paper will be about the significance of the date. Finally, think about what you want to find in your research or what you think you will find. The last part of the statement (in green)identifies two things which should be explored more deeply in the paper.

You might have just one major idea to focus on, or you may have more than just two, as suggested above.

you should start the essay with the time period like the example

you should mention the work Cited