Inding a similarity between an ancient area and a contemporary area

Ancient Area: Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Contemporary Area: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
555 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2707
You will find, focus and describe one way in which these places are similar.You will write a 3 5 paragraph essay on. You may find their similarity through their circulation (approach), sequence / procession (views, framing), chronology, or Indoor / Outdoor design integration. Remember to choose only ONE of them. This does not need to include quotes from other scholars or footnotes/endnotes. Which means, these should be your own thoughts and obseravtions not someone elses. Be careful that you do not plagiarize. You will prepare a bibliography that covers both your contemporary area and your ancient area. Please include at least 2 reputable reference sources (textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.) and at least 2 critical scholarly sources. The critical sources will likely articles/books written by scholars who study this exact thing, or similar things. You can use the library databases to help you find academic journals, peer review articles, etc. This brings you to a total of at minimum 4 sources. You may use unconventional sources if they are good such as websites, videos, photographs, maps, interviews, etc. but these should be on top of your 4 conventional sources.