Inding an effective performance measurement for e-business

” state the overall aims and objectives clearly e.g. (dis)proving something, applying theory to a real situation, setting up a hypothesis, etc;

” explain the research methods to be adopted and reflect upon their appropriateness e.g. relating the typical problems of using questionnaires or of interviewing, etc to your particular work;

” demonstrate a high level of critical analysis when discussing a range of relevant secondary research e.g. reviewing appropriate books and articles purely descriptive pieces of work are inappropriate;

” discuss the research findings in the context of the academic literature  in other words, include a (reworked) version of the Initial literature review;

” come to conclusions/ recommendations which are consistent with the analysis

” be logically structured;

” reference all sources using Harvard referencing style; and

” be correctly presented in accordance with the criteria stated work that does not conform to these standards will not be accepted.