Inding and Expert and Interviewing Expert Effectively

In Chapter 2 of The Curious Researcher, you read about not only finding an expert, but also interviewing that expert effectively (p. 97-113). Use the skills that you have learned about summarizing to write a brief summary of this information. As with any summary, you will want to be sure to include as much of the information as possible, but only the information that you find to be most relevant. Further, be sure that you paraphrase the information, putting it into your own words as much as possible. If you are unable to do so, then quote the material using quotation marks. For either a paraphrase or a direct quotation, you should always use parenthetical citation.

If you use information from outside sources, you must cite those sources using APA documentation, both for in-text citation and reference page citations.

Be sure to paraphrase as much as possible, but to use quotation marks when you lift language, and always cite sources.