Individual 1 page journal entries, no title required

its for a core class: perspective of the individual.. it would be 9 individual journal entries approximately one page long for each. beginning with three individual entries on the novel The Handsmaids tale”, followed by one entry on The formative force for the individual of friendship and loss in the Epic of Gilgamesh.Two on Platos Critoand Apologyas we explore the development of the individual as dissenting thinker. One on Freud, students are asked to consider such challenges to the sense of self as the struggle between instinctual drives and the requirements of civilization. Finally, two on Elie Wiesels Night,a depiction of an effort in time to totally destroy the self.

On each of them::: Write at least one full page (1margins) on a topic of your choice from our first class meetings, up to and including Feb. 3. You must comment on observations (1 to 5 points), reflective thoughts (1 to 5 points)and original questions (1 to 5 points). Your essay will also be evaluated on the basis of the fluency of your writing (1 to 3 points).
Finally, in this class they run it through a Safe-Assignso you cant plagerize at all. Again it would be 9 total 1 page journal entries with a different idea on each one that does reflective thoughts, sounds fluent, ask questions and has observations.