Individual Posters presentation ) for my project

subject: Logistics & Managing supply chain

see the attached file

and i marked with two Color :
Green my part
Red dont do it, its not my part

what i will present is my poster on the Green color and i have also to talk about more if my teacher ask me on these 11 Questions and see image too, to understand more about it and how it will be the Final Presentation Exam marking :

What i need is short summaries for everything that i have to talk about it and explain for my teacher to my part. short and very clear to analysis my part, but dont write too much because i only have 10 min to answer his questions and on my part in Procurementand about general questions from these 11 questions. i just wan to present for him clear about what is required to me to explain only to present my poster.

Thanks you 🙂