Inds religion in Bloomington”(Bloomington,Indiana)

Here is the instruction, pay attantion to the last sentence, also, since it needs knowledge about the evidence of religion in bloomington, if you are not aware of if, contact me for more information you need Write a paper that i??finds religion in Bloomington.i?? take a walking tour of the IU campus and/or Bloomington and look for evidence of i??religion.i?? You can look at churches, but doni??t stop there: consider fitness centers, restaurants, shops, monuments, music, arts, and locally sponsored websites. Talk to some people about i??religioni?? and/or i??spirituality.i?? Observe religion being practiced.Focus in on one aspect of your findings that intrigues, puzzles, or troubles you. Develop a thesis, or narrowly focused argument, that approaches your i??texti?? from a particular angle, and makes a case for the Significance of the paper. Your i??evidencei?? may include quotations from interviews, posters, or websites, photographs, or audio/video recordings. We encourage you to exercise creativity in analyzing the evidence presented, rather than merely summarizing your observations or stating unsupported opinions.”

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Also hereS the Rubric of this paper:
Is the thesis easy to locate (e.g. last sentence of first paragraph), clear, unified, debatable, and sufficiently narrow?
Does the thesis make clear what is at stake (i.e. why the essay matters, why readers should care), or does it leave you asking: i??so whati???
Does the essayi??s opening invite the readerS interest (e.g. with a descriptive title and opening quotation, question, or startling fact)?
Does the introduction identify the source(s) to be discussed, incl. author, title (in quotes or italics, as appropriate), date?
Does the introduction provide a roadmap (i.e. preview of major topics) of how the thesis will be developed?
Does each paragraph have a topic sentence that is a mini-thesis (i.e. sub-argument that advances the main argument)?
Is the order of presentation logical and easy to follow?
Are transitions between paragraphs smooth?
Are there parts of the essay that are confusing or that do not seem to fit?
Does the conclusion tie up loose ends, convince you of the essayS significance, and/or suggest further implications of the argument?
Does the paper make effective use of assigned readings, lectures, discussions (avoiding inappropriate use of outside sources)?
Does the evidence presented persuade you of the thesis?
Are choices of when to quote rather than summarize appropriate?
Are any of the quotations longer than necessary?
Is there a good balance between general and specific information?
Does the paper raise and adequately address any conflicting evidence?
Is evidence documented properly (e.g. properly formatted endnotes or parentheticals plus reference list)?
Is textual evidence accompanied by thorough explanations of what the evidence means and why it is significant?
Is the essayi??s reasoning persuasive?
Does the essay provide fresh insight into course themes?
Does the writing style contribute to the essayi??s overall effectiveness?
Does the essay use active rather than passive voice and assign agency (i.e. make clear who did what)?
Is the tone appropriately formal (e.g. avoiding contractions, colloquial expressions, use of second person or first person)?
Are there any awkward expressions or mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.?
Are there certain kinds of mistakes that occur frequently?
Does the format conform to course guidelines (e.g. length, 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced, 1i?? margins, pages numbered)?
All five Criteria have same proportion. make sure do well on all five criteria. If you think this is a late arrived instruction that is hard to accept free, I can add extra-payment, just make sure follow it and do it well. Also you can extend the time on the revision, you have 3 more days.