Inema: a therapeutic tool for social and pesonal change?

Dear Writer,
I am writing in order to get help from you for my Major Project Proposal or in other words for my Thesis Proposal. From the title of the topic you can already have a slight idea of what I am thinking of proposing as a topic. However, I have a difficulty in articulating since I don t have any experience in this specific topic. I chose it because I find it very interesting.
When I say Cinema: a therapeutic tool for social change I mean the social impacts that a cinema movie may have. For example, can a movie have an impact in education issues, in reducing criminality, in diversity issues such as Diversity: Race/Gender/Sexual Orientation/Culture, in ethics and so on.
Secondly, I would like to explore the impact of cinema movies regarding personal change. I am referring to cinematherapy, Can for example a cinema movie help an individual to promote its health, to encourage its healing? Furthermore, can a movie contribute to a persons catharsis, to its mood-change, to the improvement of its self awareness, to its self-communication, to its interpersonal communication and so on.
My professor gave us the following exact instructions of writing a Major Proposal:
Before you start to draw up your proposal, you need to ask yourself the basic question: what is it that I want to find out? Once you have articulated this, you will have identified your research questions. The answering of these questions, through research and writing, thus becomes the central aim of your Major Project.
Your proposal should contain the following information:
” Working title (this may or may not be your final title: it usually isnt)
” Research questions
” Rationale for research questions (i.e. why are these questions worth asking?)
” Brief literature review (How does your proposed project relate to other research on the topic?)
” Outline methodology
” Outline structure (e.g. chapter headings. These will almost certainly change, but it can be useful to make a first attempt at this stage)
” Illustratrative bibliography (What kind of sources are available for you?)

Finally, I would like to tell you that I want my proposal to have the form of an academic dissertation based primarily on written resources. I think in that way it would be easier for me to write it. What do you think of it?
If you have any questions please let me know as soon as possible.