Inema Manager Induction (for an HRM course)

Design a full 3 weeks induction programme for the Cinema Manager that you wish to recruit.

Give a detailed timetable, Divide them into week 1 and 2 and 3, indicating at each stage where the new employees are, what they are doing and who is responsible for that stage of the induction.

1. One of the ways HR can help managers avoid involuntary redundancy is by:
a. Reducing or banning overtime
b. Increasing outsourcing of work
c. Discouraging job sharing
d. Making staff redundant as quickly as possible to minimise stress

2. A good induction phase should:
a. Take up as little time as possible in order to get the new employee on the job
b. Be conducted by members of the HR department only as they have the necessary expertise
c. Consist mainly of videos and handouts to ensure consistency
d. Be concerned with the formation of the psychological contract