Inish the part of Market Structure and Competitive Analysis in Nigeria (2 pages, need references)

MKTG 732 International Marketing

Term Project: International Marketing Plan

Choose a product for export and a destination country:

The destination country:Nigeria
The product is from a Canadian company calledAmazing Solar
Here is its website: endnotes in one of the generally accepted styles. Professional reports are written single-spaced within paragraphs and double-spaced between paragraphs.
5. Submit your assignment on 8 0.5 x 11 paper. Number your pages.

Final Note
As the project proceeds through the term, I expect you to become a i??country experti?? (for the country which you are studying) and to contribute relevant information to class discussions.

JUST NEED TO FINISH THE B2 PART i??Market Structure and Competitive Analysisi?? ,NEED REFERENCES. THANKS.