Inland Healthcare System versus United States System

1SUMMARY OF CHOSEN HEALTHCARE SYSTEMSummary of your countrys healthcare system is clear and accurate
2 ANALYSIS OF THE CHOSEN COUNTRIES HEALTHCARE SYSTEMAnalysis clearly outline the strengths and weaknesses of the healthcare system and include the concepts of access, quality, sustainabilty and satisfaction rates.
3-COMPARE AND CONTRAST WITH U.S SYSTEMDescription of similarities and differences is detailed , accurate and extensive.
4CONCLUSIONConclusion offers comprehensive, detailed summary and includes a strong argument as to which system is superior
FYIGrammar is accurate. Writing is clear and engaging. APA is adhered perfectly, including citation, references and formatting.
At least 5 reputable references not Wikipedia.Example (World Health Organization, healthy people 2020,Finland or U.S government websites.
maximum 5 pages excluding front page and reference page.