Inlands school success what Americans keep Ignoring

1 according to this essay, what are some of the major differences between how schools are run in the united states and how they are run in Finland ? Identify at least three differences, pointing to the sentences that reveal them.
2what is the answer to implied question in the TITLE of this essay? what do Americans keep ignoring about Finlands school success?
why do you think Americans have not yet adopted the Finnish system of education? How would a similar system fare in the united states?
3How does Anu Partanen END her essay? Do you agree with her conclusion? why or why not ?
4What kind of EVIDENCE does Partanen provide to support her argument ? How does she use SOURCES? How convincing is the evidence and her sources ?this the web(what-americans-keep-ignoring-about-finlands-school-success/250564/ ) follow the instruction please,,,