Insert Company/Organisation Name Here) Investigation of Human Resource Planning Activities

Assignment Task:

Human resources are considered the most valuable, yet moat volatile and potentially unpredictable resource, which an organisation utilises. If the organisation fails to plac and direct human resources in the right areas of the business, at the right time and at the right cost, serious inefficiencies are likely to arise creating considerable operational difficulties and likely business failure”. (Beardwell and Holden 1994)

The above quote identifies both the importance of human resources and the importance of human resource planning. Moreover, Gunnigle et al. (2002) state that HRP is the Basis for effective management”. Given the significance of HRP, you are to investigate the activities that contribute to human resource planning in an organisation of your choice. Specifically you are required to:

Part 1 (33.33%):
Describe in detail the HRP activities of the organisation.

Part 2 (33.33%):
Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the HRP activities identified.

Part 3 (33.33%):
Propose and justify changes to the approach the organisation has toward HRP. Any recommendations put forward should be made with consideration to the business context.

*Choice of Organisation is up to the writer. Examination of HRP activities may be of a whole organisation/company or a division or department of choice (Whichever is more appropriate for an in depth investigation of their HRP activities). A well known company like Dell, Google, HP, a Football Club etc where there is enough information is suitable but not essential. It may be a small organisation if you wish*

*Make sure to look at attached instructions for additional information as to how to approach the question*
(Essentially, Harvard Business School referencing method)
BookName of Author, date of publication, page numbers, e.g. (Forde, 2001: 73-74)

PharaphasingShould be referenced, e.g. Anderson (1987: 73-74) advances three argument against the……..

QuotingShould be referenced, e.g. My argument against the penalty of….(Anderson, 1987: 73-74)

Internetwhatever the writer feels is appropriate

Bibliography (If included/free):

BookShould include the name of the author, date, title, edition and place of publication or resource, Publisher. E.g. McClave, Henry. 1997. Communication for Business. 2nd ed. Dublin. Gill and Macmillian.

Journal ArticleShould include volume of journal(14), issue number (2), page number (131-143) and the date (June 2003, e.g.
Caldwell, Raymond. 2003. Models of agency change: a fourfold classification. British Journal of Management, 14. (2): 131-143, June 2003

InternetShould be as follows (If Possible) e.g.
McKiernan, G. 1996. Project Aristole(sm): automated categorisation of web resources. [Online]. Available: Aristole.htm [4 September]

Electronic DatabaseShould be as follows, e.g.
Roche, William K. 1999. In search of commitment-orientated human resource management practises and the conditions that sustain them. Journal of management studies, 36 (5) 653

*Anyhing i have not explained with regards to referencing, just adopt the manner you best see fit for the assignment