Int No Makin It (3rd Edition) by Jay McLeod

Book Report on:
JAini??t No Making It (Be sure you review the Third Edition of the book)
By Jay MacLeod


You are to demonstrate that you have learned sociological concepts and theories related to social inequality (regardless of whether you agree with them). Use incidents from the book to demonstrate how these events illustrate sociological concepts and how the events are related to sociological perspectives or theories.

Do not write in a general and vague way. Describe specific incidents in the book that illustrate sociological concepts. If your comments pertain to inequality in general, rather than based on the book, I will have to assume you did not read the book.

The better papers are organized are the basis of sociological topics or concepts, not the order of events as they appear in the book.

Do not just mention the name of a sociological concept but explain how the concept applies to the events in the book. The more concepts you properly use in this paper, the higher my grade will be. This is very important

Are there any sociological perspectives or theories which you believe are more useful than others to help understand events in the book? Explain why you think the theories are appropriate.

Try to analyze the book as a sociologist would. Pretend you are a sociologist.

Use APA or ASA style if you wish. Subheadings will be useful to separate your concepts and perspectives.

Double space the paper with 1i?? margins and 12 character fonts. Do not triple space between headings and sections.

Paragraphs should be indented five spaces.

Paragraphs should be no longer than one page. Most paragraphs should be about one half page long. One sentence paragraphs are inappropriate.
Do not use long quotations from the book, that is, more than three lines of text in your paper. You will be judged as only padding the paper. If you want to quote a sentence from the book, it is sufficient to list the page number at the end of the quotation.

If you use a quote, in the body of the paper give the authori??s name and the page number where the quote occurred.

Do not give a reference or bibliography page. This is not a research paper.
Try to write in an active voice rather than use passive verbs

Points to Remember:

You are to write an analysis or i??thinki?? paper. You are not writing a research paper. You are to read only the required book. There is no need to i??researchi?? the paper on the internet.

Bonus: Who was Freddie Piniella and what eventually happened to him?