Inter-organisational costing) attached article


1. Critical Analysis of the Research Paper:

1.1 Overall description/summary of the research paper

Brief summary of the research paper is about, including information about the author(s). 10%

1.2 Critical Analysis:

- What is the issue or problem addressed in this research paper? Why is this research topic important? What assumptions did the author(s) make?

- Did the author(s) particular theories and hypotheses?

- Data collection and analysis: any problems with the methods used?

- Did the author(s) achieve what they set out to do? What did they find? Are the results meaningful? What does this piece of research contribute?

- How does the work compare to similar works?

- Writing style/presentation; clarity of objective(s). 40%

1.3 Implications for Management Accounting (MA):

- What the MA issues raised in the paper?

- What did I learn that is new to me?

- Practical usefulness of the research findings

-What are the implications for the future of MA 20%

2. Suggestions for improvements:

- What improvements / extensions could be made to the author s work in terms of?

o A more suitable title for the article

o Areas to research

o Research methods

o Discussion of the findings 15%

3. Description of the planning of your analysis of the research paper

- Approach you followed to analysing the article (for example, section by section; theme by theme, etc.) and why.

- Brief description of the sources used to conduct the analysis

- Timetable of the analysis from beginning to end. Two sources as this article 10%

4. Written Presentation of the work (including referencing and bibliography) 5%

the sources must be as the article which I attached