International arbitration and islamic law or sharia law}.


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In this paper you need to write;

1. What is arbitration? Give discussion.

a. What is the history of arbitration?

b. Write the most basic foundation for arbitration.

c. Where does it comes from, that is, what are its sources.

d. What are the basic principles of arbitration?

e. What is arbitration trying to achieve, that is, what are the goals and aims of arbitration.

f. What are the fundamental values of arbitration?

g. Describe and discuss the general concept of arbitration taking particular models in examples.

2. it is very important to me to give and make an outline and clarify the problems or the Challenges which are raised out of the harmonisation between Sharia law and International Commercial Arbitration; I need in abstract terms whether collision is likely, whilst bringing concrete examples of where problems may arise.

{ THIS point (NO 2 ) WILL BE IN 1200 WORDS AT LEAST }

3. before all that and In addition to the above mentioned points, it is very important to me to give and make a literature survey about general arbitration by looking for some thesis { only thesis PhD} which already talk around analysis of International Commercial Arbitration in or under Islamic law Sharia in order to find out the gap and deficiency between my dissertation and the previous thesis.

(US, UK, Saudi and Canada, etc.) And arbitration under Sharia Law.

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Referencing Requirements:
books , thesis, articls