International human resource maangaent.(comparative employee system)

topictransfer of human resource policies and practices.a comparison of UK and Nigeria.

main points are;
(1) if HRM model is more transferable to Nigeria or UK
(2)employment system between the two countries.

(3)issue of transferability was explored with Japanese investments in the west. This is a good starting literature. Then you need to look at host country, home country effects (look up mueller on this)…you dont have to agree with him

look at authors and wriiters on this topics such as Itagaki,kamoche,mueller etc.

Kamoche, Managing Human Resources in Africa (Routledge Global Human Resource Management) (Paperback)
also look for the special edition he did for the international journal of human resource management

look at international journal of HRM African,HRM in Africa.

Further you need to look at convergence, divergence theories.please get back to me if you need to do more.