Introducing Telework into the Patent Office: Development of a Policy

Assessed Work There are two components to the assessed work:
1. Report (worth 60% of overall mark). You must submit a report of not more than 3000 words by 12 noon on Tuesday, January 13th 2015. 2. Exam (worth 40% of overall mark). This will take place in May 2015 and you must answer two questions out of five
Assessed Report
The report draws on and develops the work begun during the workshops. In the first two workshops we design data collection methods on the specified topics and then, outside of the class, you collect data on those topics using those methods. You then write up your research as a report. In the third workshop, we create the data during the workshop, which then has to be compared with existing literature and written up as a report.
You can choose to write-up a report on:
EITHER 1 Measuring Attitudes: Commitment to RHUL
OR 2 Studentsi?? Experiences of Social Media
OR 3 Introducing Telework into the Patent Office: Development of a Policy
NB Your report should be an individual piece of work NOT a group piece of work.
The readings associated with the relevant lectures and the workshops will help you in preparing the assessed work. However, you should aim to read beyond these, by searching in library databases for additional relevant and up-to-date work. Additional relevant high quality reading attracts additional marks! Please note, use commentaries and unpublished work on the Internet very sparingly: be aware of the quality of the sources you draw on.
More information about how you write up the workshop will be provided during the workshop and there will be opportunities to ask further questions on this at the workshop review and assessment surgery in the 8th week. If you want to discuss this further, you can also make an appointment to see me during my offices hours on Fridays, 11.00-13.00, or at another time if you have other teaching at this time.
In this workshop, we will be experiencing what it is like to develop new policy and process in organizations, and understanding what teleworking might mean to different groups within an organization. Taking into account different stakeholdersi?? views we will work towards negotiating a policy about teleworking for an organization.
As preparation for this workshop, read:
Bayrack (2012) IT support services for telecommuting workforce, Telematics and Informatics, 29,286-293 Golden (2007). Co-workers who telework and the impact on those in the office. Human Relations, 11, 1641-1667 Golden et al (2008) The impact of professional isolation on teleworker job performance and turnover intentions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93, 1412-21 Fogarty et al (2011). The half-empty office: dilemmas in managing locational flexibility. New Technology, Work and Employment, 26, 183-195 Lautsch and Kossek (2011) Managing a blended workforce. Organizational Dynamics, 40, 10-17 Pearce (2008) Successful Corporate Telecommuting with Technology Considerations for Late Adopters, Organizational Dynamics, 38, 16-25 Peters and Heusinkveld (2010) Institutional explanations for managersi?? attitudes towards telehomeworking, Human Relations, 63, 107-135