Ip Hop in Russia. Environment for establishing a hip-hop label.

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1. Proposed Project Title

Hip-Hop in Russia. The environment for establishing a hip-hop label.

2. Brief Topic Description

World and Russian internal market research in hip-hop and urban genre. History of hip-hop. Origins of hip-hop. Future of the hip-hop industry. Tendency. Interviews with the famous people of hip-hop. The influence of western rap on Russian rap. How hip-hop is affected by USA hip-hop industry.

3. Rationale for Choice

Hip-Hop industry now is the huge music category with a great turnover. Rationale of choice is business model that may be applied.

4. Issues and Challenges
Problems of Russian hip-hop. Piracy in Russia. Cultural specific and aspects. Censures. Traditions.Format.

5. Research Question(s)

What is hip-hop?
Why is it so popular?
What exactly brings money?
What will it be in future?
How can it develop?
What new strategies can be applied?

6. Methodology

Market research by the means of collecting the data from the official resources and authorities. Analysing the data and giving comments.

7. Search: Key Words

Hip-hop label business model. Origins of hip-hop. History of hip-hop. Future of hip-hop. Russian hip-hop industry.

8. Research Sources use proper Bibliographic format

a. Can t stop Won t Stop by Jeff Chang
b. The book of hip-hop cover art by Andrew Emery
c. Hip-Hop America (Paperback) by Nelson Gedrey
d. Patrick Neats Top 10 Hip-Hop Books

e. Journal Articles

Russian Rolling Stone  50 cent vs Kanye West
Russian Billboard  the structure of Russian hip-hop market
Source sales overview in different countries
Hip-hop connection

f. Industry Reports
Interviews with the executive director of Monolit Records (Independent leading label) Chief of distribution department SOYUZ Rec Konstantin Ocheslyuk, PR-Director of Music Box channel Yulia Ivanova

Bpi/fpi reports?

g. Articles

Interview with English artist/producer/manager

h. Websites

Brainstorming Worksheet

iphone aps
technology development criteria
music is moving to the internet
what chances has hip-hop in this circumstances?
Ring tones are successful especially among young people and especially in hip-hop as a genre

Main target-music business!