Iploma in Ship Superintendancy Module 1 TMA

From page 1-118 of the workbook I will shortly upload:

One of your companys dry cargo vessels, fully loaded with a mixed cargo of packaged goods, steel coils and large machinery components (approximately 10,000 tonnes of cargo) has grounded on leaving port. It appears that bottom deformation aft has probably resulted in major main engine crankshaft damage.

The vessel was towed back to safe port anchorage, where she is now. As sole company marine superintendant you have just been informed of this. You are at home, about 5,000 miles away, and just about to go on annual leave.

In not more than 1,000 words state, with reasons:
1. What immediate plans you would make
2. What instructions you would give, and to whom
3. Whom you would inform, or consult with, (a) in your own company, (b) externally
4. What communications (topics) you would have with the vessel.
5. What resources you would expect to be calling upon
6. What contingency plans you would make
7. What situations you would expect to evolve before (a) the cargo is delivered (b) your vessel was back in service.

NB. There are  MARKING GUIDE POINTERS on page 1-118 which should be addressed.