Iploma in Superyacht Operations Chartering. Tutor Marked Assignment



You are the Captain of a 45 metre motor ycht based in the Caribbean with a Cayman Island flag. You have been on the vessel for 2 years snce your retired Swiss Owner bought the vessel.
He has recently lost his wife and now has less demand for the vessel for personal pleasure. He still wishes to have access to the yacht for 4 or 5 weeks a year for his own purposes, but is considering chartering it out for the balance of the year.


You have been asked to produce a summary answering these questions from the owner:

1. Would I be better off selling the vessel and chartering a similar one for that number of weeks each year in th future?

2. If I decide to keep the present vessel what are my primary actions to get to a situation where the charter revenue starts contributing to the running costs?

Approx 800 1000 word