Iplomacy in action for Kashmir for India and Pakistan: Read instructions please

how kashmir is the predominatant reason for indo pak conflict.. Articles on that to prove that it is.. They both need kashmir but at this point I personally thing that kashmir should just be liberated and free to decide what it wants for itself because it has no nationalist ties with india nor pak, the people are different ethnic group and even if they were part of one or the other country their would be more chaos and enmity and they wouldnt fit in.. So finding articles that support the fact that kashmir should just become its own country or decide its fate itself. That will help lesson the terrorism and chaos in kashmir border and both sides of kashmir can unite.. Focus on how pak and india negotiate on kashmir and what kind of foreign policy they have towards kashmir and stuff.. Take a stand on the issue and its a research paper. 8 paged
One book source included