Iplomatic Career and Strategies of Otto von Bismarck

Please follow the instructions provided by the Professor. The paper should focus on the career and strategies of a major figure in the history of diplomacy (such as Richelieu, Bismarck, Nixon, etc.) The paper should draw on at least five sources, including at least one from the internet (but some books as well), but not including the course text or general encyclopedias. As a rule of thumb, internet sources that do not provide an authors name are not acceptable, and sources should not consist solely of journal articles. Direct quotes should be kept to a minimum.”

I have chosen to focus on Otto von Bismarck. This class is a international relations class focused on diplomacy. Please do not cite the course text which is Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger 1994. Please find below some context notes for Bismarck and his relevance to this particular class.

Europe After the Congress of Vienna, 1815
Balance of Power
- survived a major challenge in the social revolution
Conditions needed for the balance of power
- number of relatively comprobable players
- permanent division of alliances
- major players interested in and willing to support the status quo
o People who didn t agree mid 19th century:
 Napoleon III
” 1848 Ran for President and won in first elections
” 1852 staged a coup, they didn t know how to run a democracy, Napoleon III was never very confident in his position, the only way to remain in power was by pleasing everyone. He began a series of provocations that would end up destabilizing the whole power system.
 Bismark

Balance of power other guy who upset balance:
- common bureaucrat who can steer a country s destiny, one of Kissinger s heroes
- Coined the term Real Politikraw national interests
- When he took office he was the chancellor in Germany. He didn t really have power of his own. Only that which the King gave him.
o 1840 took office
 1st step get control of German confederation. He tried to take Shleswig-Holstein from Denmark with the Austrians as his allies. Shleswig-Holstein were under Denmark control but populated by German ethnic people. In joint administration of new provinces Prussia was closer so he gave administration to the Prussians. He did this to piss the Austrians off.
o 1866 war between Austria and Prussia
o Bismark s key to war was to isolate the country from its allies.
 Prussia allied with Italy. Typical checkerboard alliance.