Iplomatic history/ international relations

a9 Essay guidline:
This part of the course is designed to enhance studentsa understanding of theories discussed in class through reading and discussing relevant academic journal articles. You must read at least one article during the module and provide a 1000-word written response that demonstrates an understanding of the article, linking it to theories you have learned in class.As this is a MA, the expectation is that serious thought is put into the work that you submit for a grade. Your article response should provide evidence that you have thought about the article and have applied lessons from this module. Work that does both of these gets a high grade. Work that shows a superficial understanding of the article or course matter, or that is poorly presented or written, gets a lower grade.

Article to respond to:
11, many returned to this paper to try to understand the perceived disconnect between the Muslim world and the West. Do you think Lewisa historical analysis is accurate?

Grading rubric for an A is:

1. Content: Very well developed an engaging. Clearly stated thesis statement. Details and examples supports the question, and are clear, specific, relevant, concrete and suffient. Gives evidence of understanding article and supports from what happened in diplomatic history.

2. Organization of ideas: details arranged correctly. The writing is effective. Evidence of through and effective planing. Paper clearly follows thesis statement.

3. Style and correctness: writing is smooth and coherent. Sentences are strong with few to no problems in sentence structure, grammar or mechanics.