Iplomatic Role of Residual US Forces in Iraq


The political situation inside Iraq has always affected and continues to affect its neighboring countries specially, GCC countries. Even though the situation there looks calm now, the future of Iraq is unclear looking at the strong poverty rate that the country struggle through and the external forces that tries hard to control the scene there. This important to me especially because I am a Saudi citizen from Jubail, a small town that is only 300 kilometers far from Basra, Iraq. I see that the United States presence in Iraq is extremely essential now to keep the force balance there. Iran (Iraqas eastern neighbor) is the most benefited side of US departure out of Iraq. Iran will not spare any chance of controlling Iraq (directly or indirectly) if a complete American phase out happened soon. I understand that independence is important for any nation but I believe that the security of the region is the most important aspect of gaining peace in the Arabian area. I chose the topic a?Now that Iraqi sovereignty has been restored as of January 1, 2009, what is the diplomatic role of residual US forces in that country?a? because of its geographical closeness to my home and direct effect on me as an Arab and as a Saudi.