Ipsy and traveller community needs improving access to health care.

My subject is Health & Social Care, so I put Other Subject in the Paper subject. I want to discuss about The Health and health needs of Gipsy and Traveller community in the UK. This is about Report, not essay. I had to put Essay as there is a Report section in the Type of Work.

The whole report is to be written from an anti-racist perspective. This means arguing from the standpoint of your chosen ethnic minority group. And the report must focus on the United Kingdom.

The report must be in report format as outlined below.
1. Title page
2. Abstract or Executive Summary (on a separate page)
3. Table of contents (which includes page numbers for the different sections/subsections and should be on a new page)
4. Introduction (including aims/objectives, background, methodology and scope)
5. Discussion (should consist of different headed sections/subsections)
6. Conclusion
7. Recommendations
8. References
9. Appendix/Appendices (if you use more than one appendix, the last one must be your assignment 1 feedback point (4) below. Appendices should be given titles and, other than the feedback appendix, if used should be referred to in the body of your report).

No more than 5 a 10% of the assignment should be in the form of quotations.

Apply theory and knowledge appropriately in order to analyse and evaluate health related issues within ethnic minority communities i??1. demonstrate a critical understanding of the relationship between racism, discrimination, inequality of access and health amongst minority ethnic communities. 2. evidence knowledge of historical and contemporary policy and legislative framework surrounding health and social care as they affect minority ethnic communities. 3. demonstrate an ability to synthesise knowledge and understanding in an analysis of a particular ethnic health issue.

Evidence autonomous learning patterns, self-awareness and clarity of goals to achieve the learning outcomes of the unit. 1. i??set clear goals that will guide your learning and actions, taking responsibility for your own learning. 2. monitor your own progress in relation to your goals, strengths, weaknesses and meeting deadlines for assignments. 3. work independently while at the same time making use of advice and feedback when appropriate.

Work independently and carry out a systematic literature review communicating your findings clearly and coherently in two graduate level written pieces of work, one essay and one report. 1. draw on and apply your learning gained on the level two research unit with regard to carrying out a systematic literature review, identifying appropriate sources of information based on the assignment requirements. 2. demonstrate an ability to evaluate and synthesise your findings, knowledge and understanding in an analysis of a particular health issue related to the unitas content. 3. communicate your findings, in writing, clearly, coherently, in an appropriate format, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate, and ensuring your spelling, grammar and punctuation are accurate.

Evidence development as a a?professional studenta within an applied social studies discipline. 1. draw on knowledge and concepts of discrimination acquired previously on your course. 2. identify the inequalities of power and resources reflected in and reinforced by policy interventions with regard to age, gender and ethnicity. 3. develop a reasoned argument and recommendations with regard to policy making full use of your skills of evaluation.

The report must incorporate 1. A review of the literature a this section must look at what current research and key thinkers say about your chosen topic. Here you are focusing on the main findings in relation to your chosen topic bringing together (summarising) what different studies and authors say. You are not reviewing individual studies that have come out nor should you describe one study after another e.g. simply have one paragraph saying study X says this, followed by a paragraph saying study Y says that, and so on. You are giving an overview of what has been said in books, journals, reports, etc. on your chosen subject a i.e. What is known about your topic? Who are the key writers and what do they say? What are the key ideas, research findings and theories around/about your chosen topic?
2. An analysis of relevant UK policy from an anti-racist perspective a here you select the most recent or relevant policy or policies and critically review whether or not it is/they are meeting the needs of your chosen group and/or in relation to your chosen health issue. A place to start your search would be the Department of Health (