Ir and sea gas exchange in coastal zones

This paper is for a chemical oceanography class in graduate school.

The paper should include an abstract, introduction or background, discussion, conclusion
or summary, references, tables (if needed) and figures.

a? Follow AGU journal style for references, both for how to cite in text and for the format of
the reference section.
a? The paper should be double spaced, at least 11pt font size, and 15 pages including
references, tables, and figures.
a? There should be at least one data plot in the paper that you create yourself (an original
figure). This does not mean creating a duplicate of a figure in a paper you cite. It must
be your own.
a? References must include peer reviewed articles (at least 10). Books are acceptable for a
couple of references. Please avoid citing websites. Only websites where data is obtained
are acceptable (e.g. Wikipedia is not an acceptable

Grading Rubric:
1. Scientific Content:
a) Focus/Thesis a How well is the thesis defined?; Is scope appropriate for length of paper?; Are the conclusion or summary and abstract supported by the discussion?; etc.
25 Points
b) Evidence Supporting data; use and discussion of figures and tables; references; use of an original figure; etc.
25 Points
2. Technical Aspects:
a) Structure and Organization AGU journal specified 10 Points
b) Audience/Tone 10 Points
c) Grammar a Sentence structure, paragraph structure, etc. 10 Points
d) Mechanics Tables and figures (necessary and discussed in the paper?); Spelling; Punctuation
10 Points
e) Vocabulary a Word usage 10 Points

Total 100 Points