Ir conditioning. What and when was it invented? How did it develop?


Length: 2-3 pages (the works cited page does not count)

Preliminary Requirements: Have an approved topic, and make use of a variety of reference materials.

General Requirements: The goal of this paper is for you to discover and present background information from your topic: describe the historical context of the topic using the information you have gathered from general reference sources. In other words, what conditions created the context of your topic?

Source Requirements: At least three general reference sources. This is the only assignment for which an encyclopedia or reference work can count as a source (e.g., Britannica, MSN Encarta, etc.).

Internal Documentation: Material from sources, whether quoted or paraphrased, must be properly cited.

Works Cited: Using the models in Chapter 14 of HCR, create a works cited page similar to that of the sample paper.

Manuscript Guidelines: All assignments must be prepared in MLA format.

Plagiarism: Plagiarists use someone elseas words, ideas, or sentence structure without giving proper credit. Inadequate documentation can also count as plagiarism. Plagiarism, intentional or not, will result in a zero for the paper and eliminate your chances for passing the course.