Ir Force Association Student of PromiseScholarship Essay

I need one page essay stating reason/desire for a career in Aviation Maintenance Management.

Name: Jose S. Colon

After graduated from High School, I proceeded with studies graduating with Automotive Mechanics Certificate. It is an Associate Degree Program. My real passion has always been Aviation Maintenance. I studied Automotive Maintenance because Aviation Maintenance degree wasnt offered in my hometown.
Currently living in Puerto Rico, but moving to Florida to fulfill his dreams. That makes obtaining a scholarship extremely important because I cannot qualify for numerous scholarship and financial aid opportunities by not being a Florida State resident. I need to show that I have Mechanical aptitude and ability to succeed in an Aviation Maintenance career field”. I am highly motivated and I believe this program will be the challenge that will keep me stimulated to go the extra mile and do 200%. I have the ability to interact, communicate and collaborate with people. Great team player. Analytical skills and concentration. Information about the career in this link:


I dont know which essay style of to choose.