Ir Freight Movement at Birmingham International Airport

The requirement is to produce a dissertation based on the Topic called

Environmental sustainability of Air Freight movements at Birmingham International Airport, possible beyond 2008?”
(West Midlands Airport in the United Kingdom)

Research Problem:

Environmental sustainability of Air Freight movements at Birmingham International Airport via Aircrafts possible beyond 2008?

Subsidiary Problems:

1.To ascertain the role of the Logistics operators in developing sustainability

2.To ascertain the role of Birmingham International Airport in developing sustainability

3.To ascertain the role of the government in developing sustainability

4.To ascertain the role of an Aircraft Manufacturer in developing sustainability

When looking at environmental sustainability, the research can be further narrowed down to look at the two key areas threatening sustainability as noise exposure and emissions.


Two main methods will be adopted:

1.Questionnaire Survey

This requires Primary and Secondary Information and therefore the amount of sources you used are up to you. I have put 60 just for an Idea. My Course I am takin is Logistics, hence the air freight movement in the title.

In the attachment I have put detail information in the structure of the dissertation and the format e.g Font 12 etc.

Please let me know if there is any information further you need. Due to the amount of money involved I hope you can produce a dissertation Higher that 70%.
Havard, further information is in the attachment below.