Ir Pollution (indoor & outdoor)/Clean Air Act/Asthma

For your presentation you will research Marine Water Usage, Pollution & Conservation in depth. ( Please remember that there is more to your topic that then individual topic(s) listed. Presentation Tools: Google Presentation. THIS CANNOT USE MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Part II: Create your digital presentationyii?? 0.5 NOTE your presentation has to be in a format that we all can access. Part III: Make sure that you have read and understand the Presentation Rubric so you know where your grade will come from. Part IV: Now ityii?? 0.5 s time to create your project. Each of the topics are very broad and encompass a lot of information. Your task, as the master of this topic, is to create a presentation that encompasses the main information and key points of your topic. Develops a detailed presentation. Clearly expresses an opinion on the specific topic within the presentation. The presentation is completed in an electronic format and is a minimum of five minutes (maximum of ten minutes). [10 points] Clear evidence that higher level thinking skills were used in the creation of the final project. [5 points] Clearly reflects specific information presented in the course and course materials. [10 points] Demonstrates depth of understanding in the knowledge, skills, and strategies from the course. [5 points] Demonstrates unique personal insights derived from application and evaluation of course content, using specific examples. [5 points] Correct grammar and spelling. [3 points] Chosen topics are completely included. [5 points] Media, such as graphics, audio, video, effectively communicates and contributes significantly to the intended meaning of the content. [5 points] Information in logical sequence which reader can follow. [2 points] The presentation should be equal to a 10 min presentation that would be face to face. Sources: Use NOAA website as one source REQUIRED TEXT/MATERIALS use this textbook as source: Withgott, Jay, and Brennan, Scott. Environment: The Science Behind the Stories. Fifth edition. Pearson Benjamin Cummings. ISBN#9780321715340. use other online scholarly peer reviewed sources *** make sure to use pictures, animations, graphs, charts ect to display knowledge as well as words that explain concepts. Dear writer please contact me asap to let me know how many pages/ words it will take to complete a 10 min presentation ?? I am unsure of this piece of information to complete the order. Please confirm how many slides you will need for a 10 min presentation and is payment for 5 pages enough for you to complete this assignment