Ir Traffic Control and the operations of Airports all around the world

The field I chose to research is all about the Air Traffic Control and the operations of Airports all around the world. Currently, the aviation is industry is n the verge of reaching saturation level in terms of passenger and flight traffic. So, there is a need for them to use the technology to sort out their operations and work hassle free.
this is the proposal for the paper
Aviation industry has incorporated information technology long back to sustain the competition and improve their service to the public. Increase in traffic, requirement for more sophisticated measures is the main reason for the improvement in the usage of Information technology.
This paper discusses the developments in the aviation industry right from its birth, introduction of Information technology into it, how well the aviation industry was capable to incorporate the developments in technology. Moreover, the paper discusses about the advantages of using information technology on par with their service to provide out of class experience to the passengers.
The paper starts with the description of aviation industry, scope for usage of technology for smoothing their operations, level of advancement that they have achieved by using the Information technology, how they can use the current technology to better their performance and position in the current competitive market.