Irborne Express Case Study Essays for MBA Strategy Subject

I require three questions each to be answered in essay format for the  Airborne Express Case Study located on pages 245 to pages 267 in the attached Airborne.pdf document. It is to be at Masters level with Harvard Referencing. The total word count should be 1500 words (ie 500 words for each question). The objectives of the essay responses is to increase ability to implement the tools and frameworks introduced in the attachments. For each essay response to answer the questions you must also make an effort to explicitly connect with the supplementary readings. The idea is not necessarily to quote the supplementary readings but to use them to increase the value of your work. Specifically apply the theory and frameworks.

Essay Questions: Airborne Express
1. How and why has the express mail industry structure evolved in recent years? How have the changes affected small competitors? (answer 500 words)
2. How has Airborne survived, and recently prospered, in its industry? (answer 500 words)
3. What must Robert Brazier, Airborne s President and COO, do in order to strengthen the company s position? (answer 500 words)

The main readings to use for application are;
Porter M, . E. 1985.Cost Advantagep.9 7-118 in Competitive Advantage.
Porter M. E. I 985. Differentiation Strategy”. Pp. I 50-I 63 in Competitive Advantage.
Porter, M. E. 1985. On Focus Strategy.Pp.264-272 Competitive Advanlage.
Schrage M, .2007. The myth of commoditization.M IT Sloan Managemen Review 48:10-14.

1) In answering the questions, I expect an essay type answer for each individual question.

2) Make sure you perform the necessary analyses rigorously, and also make sure that you don t leave any analysis hanging by itself (i.e. dont forget to conclude as a result of your analysis).

3) The case write-up is a comprehensive one which includes materials from the attached PDF files in addition to the Airborne.pdf file.

4) In deciding on how to answer a question, and which tools/frameworks to use, try to see what the question is really asking and trust your instincts. You will notice that some questions can be answered with some tools much easier than without them.

5) Given that you have a 1500 word limit for the whole assignment, use it wisely (i.e. don t try to force an analysis into a question to show that you know how to use it especially if that analysis is not relevant for the purposes of answering that question).

6) If a tool is not directly relevant for answering for a question but can be modified and be made suitable, you are more than welcome to do so. Remember, the most important thing is to support your conclusions with well thought and rigorous analysis, not whether you have Memorizeda particular way of applying a tool/framework.