Ircumcision of the Newborn Male: Medical Necessity or Unecessary Surgery?

Gwen Diebert
Christopher Rose
Writing 121
November 22, 2009

Community College Synthesis Assignment
Lower Level Class
I have worked in the medical field for 13 years so I have some knowledge of medical terminology.

If possible I need a partial rough draft by Monday 11/23 late afternoon. Just the first few paragraphs would be OK.
Synthesis Assignment”
Thesis: There is no sound evidence to support routine neonatal circumcision.
Provide backround of procedure, why it was preformed in different places and times leading up to the present with supporting statistics and sources.
Break down to debunk the myths with reference to studies and published data as well as statements from the medical community (American Academy of Pediatrics).
Comparisons to female circumcision/human rights issue? Malpractice because of no informed consent to patient?