Ire Department Safety Officer Week 3 building construction

Explain the effects of fire on building construction elements. Give three examples.

Noted fire service instructor Francis Brannigan once said, a?relying on experience alone is not sufficient, firefighters must be aware of the theories and principles involved in building constructiona?. This unit will begin the process of teaching a?the would bea? safety officer the value of a?readinga? a building and the smoke produced during a fire; and its impact on safety. An incident commander has his or her hands full in dealing with the complexities of a working fire; and they should be able to rely on a well trained safety officer to give them insights as to what the building is doing and how the fire inside of it is affecting the integrity of the structure.
Buildings do not just collapse without any warning. Granted, there are times when the first indications of collapse and the actual event are close together but; there are warning signs and with everything going on during an incident the safety officer must be focused on high priority issues. A trained safety officer who has had training in building construction features and has the knowledge and an understanding of how buildings react to fire will be a more effective safety officer.
In addition to understanding how buildings act under fire conditions, a?readinga? the smoke to gain an insight on the fire inside building is also necessary. This concept of reading smoke has been around for several years and has been taught by different instructors. The author of the text for this class is one of the nations best instructors into the concept of reading smoke and how this knowledge will affect firefighter safety during working structure fires.

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