Ire in Wildland RecreationNational Parks, National Forest Areas.


I have to submit this 6/16 by midnight:

What I need are 2 different Literaturereviews on the issue of Fire in wildland how management deals with this problem.

My Management issue I am dealing with is Yellowstone National Park and the fires they have. The issue at hand is whether controlled burning is the correct way to control the out break of uncontrolled fires.
The best way to deal with wildland recreation management issues is to find out what others have done regarding the same or similar issue. I need 2 Literature reviews on articles about fires in National parks areas, or National forest areas. These can be found by looking at research articles on this subject, government reports, journals articles, studies, dissertations, internet sites, or wildland management plans.

I have already completed 6 of these but could use 2 more. I also need a good introduction stating how looking at how others have dealt with an issue can aid management in deciding how to handle their issue.

Introduction to fire management issues in National Parks.forests along with 2 literature reviews.