Irect and Indirect Instructions Questioning

I prefer not to use any sources and stick to the text book I provided.

1If you were to describe the direct instruction model, what characteristics would you include? what would be the topic of a lesson plan in your area that would be ideally suited to the direct model and why?

( language arts is my area)

2Explain use of the word Indirectin the indirect instruction model. Provide a content example to illustrate your point.

3why shouldnt direct instruction be used all the time? Give an example in which it would clearly not be appropriate.

4Include one idea or quote that you found interesting, worthwhile remembering, etc. and you will explain why you felt that way?

Early studies estimated that 70% to 80% of all questions required the simple recall of facts; only 20% to 30% required the high-level thought processes of clarifying, expanding, generalizing, and making inferences.(Corey 1940) Eventually, little has changed since these early studies”