Irect foreign investment and the Arab spring: how the Arab Spring affects the direct and indirect investments in the MENA region

a. Title of your Project Report and abstract
Indicating the focus of your research
b. Introduction
This section should explain the rationale and the context for identifying your research plans. You should provide sufficient background information on the issues you want to research for the reader to be able to understand the rest of your Project as well as its value. If you focus on an organization you should provide enough organizational information to put your research into context.
c. Literature Review
This should be presented under a separate heading. This review is a detailed critical analysis of the literature provides an identification of themes from academic and other relevant recent and/or historically important literature which acts as the basis for your study and clarifies where your study fits into this debate.
d. Research Objectives and Research Questions
Your research objectives should make it clear to the reader exactly what is being planned by the proposed research. Well-defined objectives should identify what is to be analyzed, and to what purpose. Your objectives should provide sufficient scope for a Project of this size, but also be achievable within the resources available to you. They should not be vague or too general and should be leading to observable outcomes.
The research objectives will be used by the reader to judge the rest of your report, so make sure that your proposed research design, data and analysis fit with the objectives. Specific research questions (or hypotheses, if relevant) should be easily identifiable in your Project Report.

e. Research Design (Methods or Methodology)
The approach and method chosen to achieve your research objectives provide information and justification for the research method you propose (for instance case study, cross sectional, time trends, modeling a¦). If relevant, it should also detail particular areas your research will focus on, such as sectors of industry or regions and the identity of your research population.

f. Data and analysis
Provide details of the data which need to be collected; the way in which you intend to collect these data (for instance investigation of secondary data, survey, questionnaires) and the way you intend to analyses these data.
Be as precise as possible. For instance: for secondary data collection, specify the exact data sources you use; for surveys specify survey strategy, population and sample size; for interviews specify interview population, interview duration and way of analysisa¦..
Provide clear information on access to this data: have you made sure all necessary data is available to you? If relevant, do you have the agreement of essential people to use certain data or conduct interviews? Is your Project agreed with the organization you focus on if this is necessary? Are there any other particular ethical considerations you need to abide by in your research?

g. Analysis
Now you will analyze your data using different methods and explain the results.

h. Conclusion
This part should summarize your work giving brief information about:
a? your research question
a? the methodology used
a? The most important results and its relation with the literature.
a? Your contribution what should we learn from you work.
I. Reference list (Harvard standard)
Important notes:
1Plagiarism is not allowed (use references)
2Provide graphs and diagrams to support the research
3Answer these questions in the research paper
Does the Arab Spring affect direct and indirect investments in the MENA region?
To which extent was this effect?
What effect is expected in the future (Is Arab Spring going to continue to have effect on direct and indirect investments in the region or not?)