Irect government actions and effects related to public university issues.

Givernments at all levels provide public goods and occasionally play a direct role in the market such as by providing private goods, which are normally offered by businesses. The purpose is for you to analyze one example of such a direct government action.
2.a description of the major stakeholders, their interests, and the institutions involved
3.argument in SUPPORT of the government continuing to play a direct role (4sources)
4. argument AGAINST the government continuing to play a direct role (4 sources), and
5. recommandation of whetever the government should continue to play a direct role an why?

The paper is to be well organized with appropriate headings. Parts 3 and 4 forms the core of the paper and must be at least 4 pages long each, not including quotation. The arguments ought to identify the winners and losers involved among the stakeholders as well as what and how much they gain and lose. Sources must be citied.

I am thinking about effects of raising a tution in pblic university and how it affects its stakeholders; what is great? not great .. ALSO What GOVT has been done to reduce a tuition or lull the situation(stuent strike in CA)
This is just my idea if you have better one, it will be happy to do that
This counts as big amount of the final grade. Please do your best. I appreciate it.